Julia is a composer based in Berlin.

She writes music for the concert stage, film, dance, theatre and installation-based art. Within a broad spectrum of styles, her work ranges from contemporary classical music to jazz, electronic and experimental music.

Julia is an alumna of the Royal College of Music in London, where she received a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a Master of Music in Screen Composition, both with distinction.

In addition to her formal education, she gained valuable experience in writing, sound editing and (film) music production whilst attending masterclasses at the Abbey Road Studios and the Park Lane Group in London and summer academies at the Oxford Film Fest (UK) and the SWR Experimantalstudio (Germany).

Her collaborators include documentary film makers, dancers, choreographers and installation artists. Projects with Julia’s music have been featured throughout Europe and America, including the Expat Expo Festival in Berlin and Theatres in Düsseldorf and Erlangen (Germany), the Dance Made To Order Festival, the SxSW Festival and The Icla Da Silva Foundation (USA), the Scottish Documentary Institute (UK), Hot Docs (Canada), and Galleries in Holland, Sydney and Singapore.

Julia is also an author and educator. She is currently writing her second book on synaesthetic perception and wholistic approaches to music composition.

Future plans include her curation of a series of composer-performer-based interchange labs in Berlin with the purpose of developing multi-media dance performances with live-electronics.